Lantiseptic Original Skin Protectant – 12 oz Jar, Pack of 2 by Lantiseptic


Product description

Size:2 Pack  |  Color:12 Ounce Jar

Better healing isn’t something you want – it’s something you need. When your skin is experiencing irritation, rashes, chafing, chapping, or any other form of pain and irregularity, let Lantiseptic be your go-to cream that effectively keeps your body in pristine condition. Enriched with lanolin to keep your skin moisturized for longer, there’s no cream that does it better.





Long-Lasting Skin Protectant Cream
Helps Treat Dryness, Irritation, Chafing, and Cracking
50% Lanolin Enriched
Provides a Moisture Barrier to Keep Skin Healthy
Promotes Body’s Natural Recovery Process
Specially Formulated to Protect All Skin Types
Perfect for Diaper Rash, Heat Rash, Bed Sores, and More
Leaves No Residue on Clothes, Easy to Wash Off
Conveniently Packaged to Keep at Home, Medical Offices, and Care Facilities
12 Oz. per Container


Whether your skin irritation is a one-time thing or a reoccurring problem, our cream is a must-have in any facility to always protect you and your loved ones. It’s great to keep at home for healing your baby’s diaper rash or your grandparent’s bed sores. Wonderfully formulated to be helpful for all types of skin, you’ll be kept in great care with this cream on your body. It helps promote your body’s natural healing process so the next time you experience any type of skin condition, your body will do a better job healing itself.


Lanolin is a substance widely used in skin care products to help keep your body moisturized. Our cream is fortified with 50% lanolin to bolster your body’s ability to keep moisture in. It helps heal cracking, chafing, burning, and anything else.

Get better results with Lantiseptic! Take back your skin and wear it proudly again!


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